Agnes Media evaluates Paytime’s digital marketing and performance media management


Agnes Media has been hired by HR fintech startup Paytime to manage performance media and digital marketing to increase its market share as a provider of access to earned wages.

Australian owned Paytime gives workers access to their wages / salaries anytime, so they can be in control of their own money and make sure it works harder and smarter for them. Paytime offers companies a free technology platform that enables employees to access their earned wages at any time during the month.

Agnes Media was appointed to Paytime on the recommendation of board member Fran Ereira, the former Australian Country Director of the leading global payment and shopping service Klarna, with whom Agnes also works.

Steven Furman, Founder and CEO of Paytime, said, “Financial and psychological stress is widespread and affected employees are less productive, engaged and less loyal to their employer. With half of Australian workers affected, Paytime is working with companies to empower, train and equip their employees by giving them access to their wages / salaries when needed, coupled with financial and mental health tools to provide a comprehensive, To offer a holistic financial offer and a mental wellbeing solution without additional work for payroll. “

“As a relatively new entry into HR fintech, we look forward to working with Agnes Media to build our brand and drive engagement across digital channels.”

Charlotte Ward, CEO of Agnes Media (pictured) said, “Paytime is a highly innovative company trying to overcome the financial stress and mental health problems that arise from employees not being able to access their pay when they need it most is needed. Similar brands have been very successful in the US and UK (Australia was about 3 years ago) and we are excited to be part of Payime’s growth in Australia to provide better access to wages for workers through their employers. “

Ereira added, “After seeing first hand how Charlotte and the team at Agnes Media can deliver a real return on media investment, I was delighted to join them with Paytime. I know that they will bring their same passion and expertise to the table when Paytime penetrates the market. “

The appointment follows Agnes Media’s rapid growth that started last year. The independent agency works with clients with aggressive growth and measurement goals, helping them optimize their digital marketing campaigns and improve return on investment and advertising spend.

In addition to Klarna, the company also works with clients including Zolo, Australia’s first for-profit tech cycling company, Jace Legal, a commercial law and transportation company, and Re-Play UK, a sustainable tableware brand. It recently appointed former Google employee Riya Mukherjee as Senior Performance Manager.

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