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VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2021 / The pandemic has accelerated the digitization of people’s lives. According to a recent report by UNCTAD, global internet traffic in 2022 is expected to exceed all previous internet traffic combined by 2016. Around 80% of this traffic is associated with video sharing platforms, social media and games. The future success of companies will depend on the success of their digital marketing.

Ashley Dudarenok, Founder of China-focused digital marketing agency Alarice and China Insights and Trend Watching Company ChoZan, believes that “the most important resource in the world right now is data and China is the largest data source.” It started its business in 2011 when the Chinese messaging social media app WeChat was just about to be released and many other Chinese social media apps didn’t exist yet. Ten years later, WeChat is a super app with over 1 billion active users and social e-commerce platforms have generated billions of dollars in sales.

China’s economy has already recovered from the pandemic and GDP growth is expected to be 8% in 2021. More and more companies are recognizing the opportunities for international growth in the Chinese market. The high level of digitization in China offers marketers the opportunity to easily connect and find loyal customers. This also makes China one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Understand the Chinese market

Dudarenok started her complementary businesses in 2011 and 2016 because she saw the need to help businesses of all sizes improve their online presence, particularly in China, the largest consumer marketing and e-commerce giant in the world. Even before COVID-19, China accounted for 45% of global e-commerce transactions, according to McKinsey.

While COVID-19 has triggered digital changes around the world, it has fueled already existing processes for China. Most companies today don’t know how quickly China is adapting and how its tech giants are transforming retail and e-commerce around the world.

Says Dudarenok: “In China there is no business other than digital business. It doesn’t matter if you sell vermicelli on the corner of that block next to the laundromat, you are in the digital business. They do live streaming. They place orders. They accept digital payments. You have robots in your kitchen that wash, serve, etc. “

According to data released in spring 2021, China’s total population reached 1.41 billion, with two-thirds (64.5%) of Chinese citizens online and 79.1% of those who shop online. In 2019, a third of all ecommerce users were from either the United States or China, with over 3.2 billion people shopping online. About a third (855 million) of them came from China. By comparison, 247 million came from the United States.

Global companies and international brands need companies like Alarice and ChoZan to give them an insight into China and the information, tools and resources they need to tap into this lucrative market. This is why so many are turning to Dudarenok for an understanding of emerging consumer demographics and markets.

Why Ecommerce and New Retail Matters Now

China’s digital economy grew 15.6% in 2019. According to the 14th Five-Year Plan, China will become one of the leading innovation countries by 2035. The digital presence in China has become the key to success in this market. And it’s no longer just about e-commerce. In 2016, Alibaba founder Jack Ma introduced the concept of New Retail, and with the rapid development of technology, the complete merging of online and offline enables the creation of digital ecosystems.

The total impact of 5G on China’s GDP is projected to reach $ 220 billion by 2030. This mass adoption will help companies organically integrate the opportunity to shop where it did not previously exist for consumers.

At the heart of any ecosystem are user data and processing algorithms that provide all of the company’s services with information about past purchases and reactions to them. As a result, buyers get a hyper-personalized approach. Chinese consumers are used to this level of personalization and expect foreign companies to adapt to their digital lifestyles. Companies must learn to create as many different physical and virtual contact points as possible in order to present offers and recommendations to potential customers when they are most receptive to them.

The Chinese consumer is used to having quick access to everything they want and need thanks to this type of expansion of their e-commerce market. It is not easy to break into this market, but the benefits are numerous.

What Ashley Dudarenok is doing to help companies thrive in this market

In addition to the services of a marketing agency, such as the development of marketing strategies for China and social media management, the Dudarenok companies offer consulting, training and trend monitoring services on the Chinese market itself.

There are more than 60 social media platforms that are only available in the Chinese market. Ashley Dudarenok says, “One of the most important aspects of doing business in China right now is social media marketing. It focuses on content and how connected it is to consumers and their daily lives and current affairs. It’s about building word of mouth and a strong community and virtual create a social + metaverse. “

China’s e-commerce market started in 2005-2006. The country entered social media and digital marketing long before the rest of the world, which has led to the trends we are currently seeing around the world.

Ashley Dudarenok anticipates upcoming trends in the industry. “When I founded a company in 2011, I helped companies achieve success in China through my consulting services. When I first saw the importance of social media, many companies were worried about ROI and were rightly skeptical of the use of digital marketing. ”She testifies. Recognizing the opportunity here, her contributions to the companies she works with have resulted in success.

Dudarenok has worked with major international brands such as Disney, BMW, Coca-Cola, Colgate Palmolive, P&G and countless others and gained 73,000 followers on LinkedIn with their China insights. She is helping marketers around the world by shedding light on trends in China that may not be visible in the West but will have a significant impact in the future. The impact Ashley Dudarenok delivers, from enhancing brand marketing assets to building brand exposure, exceeds expectations.

Look at their companies and their work

Alarice is a digital marketing company based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen that supports marketing activities in China and manages the whole process for businesses. This has proven to be one of the most important investments for many companies. Alarice is specifically focused on mainland China. They develop strategies, build brands, and help companies connect with the consumers who need their services or products most. Alarice’s team of mainland professionals first investigates consumer sentiment about a company. The team then applies their market knowledge to analyze existing brand image and reputation, and develop strategies to reposition the company for success using industry insights. By using these services, companies are able to break into China’s digital space faster.

Dudarenok’s second company, ChoZan, is focused on trend-tracking for companies with China-based teams. This supports their further education for the digital world, their market understanding and helps them to independently manage their own digital marketing and e-commerce plan for the Chinese market. Most of the largest companies in the world are already there, but they need help watching trends evolve and moving forward.

Ready to find out more?

Ashley Dudarenok advises that now is the opportunity for companies looking to enter the Chinese market. China is only getting more expensive and complex; There is no better time than now.

Would you like to improve your digital presence? Connect with Ashley Dudarenok LinkedIn. Now is the time to get in touch Alarice or ChoZan.

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