Celebrate IT Professionals Day by finding the best tech job for you


If you are applying for an IT job or want to change your career, now is the right time.

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It is the third Tuesday in September, the day of IT professionals. According to nationaltoday.com, the IT Professionals Day 2015 was launched “to show the technicians who take care of the nuts and bolts how much they appreciate so that the station of an average employee remains connected to the company network and functions properly”.

Make sure to celebrate the IT pros in your life – a simple Slack message or a cup of coffee will do. If you’re feeling left out of the festivities, now is the best time to apply for a tech job or make a career change in IT.

“Tech recruitment has increased more than 120,000, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Situation report,” Lance Whitney, a TechRepublic employee, wrote in the article “US tech company hiring is almost reaching a two year high ”.

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Whitney continued, “Tech job postings are also growing. Such jobs rose to over 321,000 in August, 30% of which were related to emerging technologies, CompTIA said in a new tech job report.”

In terms of hiring activity, Whitney reported that “Software and Application Developers ranked first with 96,900 new jobs in August. Emerging technology and data technology ranked second with 87,400 new jobs, followed by IT support specialists with 27,300, web developers with 20,300 and systems analysts with 20,000. “

Learn about job requirements and responsibilities for some of the most sought-after IT jobs in the TechRepublic Premium Hiring Kits below. Who knows? Next year, on the third Tuesday in September, your employees may thank you.

In general, database engineers manage a company’s information flow by designing and maintaining a database that provides informative and relevant data to other employees within the organization. The work usually involves working closely with other data experts. Database engineers must also have knowledge of programming languages ​​and application development.

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Database administrators determine the most effective and efficient way to collect, organize, and store data so that it can be easily accessed when needed. The database administrator accomplishes this important role by working with data scientists, IT professionals, and decision makers to assess how data will be collected and in what form it will be.

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The typical tasks of a computer forensic analyst include examining electronic devices ranging from simple USB sticks to complete corporate IT infrastructures. Whether it’s a PC, smartphone or encrypted hard drive, the analyst’s job is to search for, find and document exactly what information can be captured by a device.

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A security architect develops and implements both preventative security protocols and effective response policies and procedures for system security breaches. Most importantly, the security architect also takes responsibility for the success and failure of their policies and protocols.

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A systems integration specialist can be called in to support a specific integration project or to act as a general “make it work” fixer to support a department or business unit. To be successful, systems integration specialists need a thorough general technical knowledge of how IT equipment and software work, and the uncanny ability to apply that technical knowledge to system-related problems.

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Python developers must have excellent programming and programming skills, as well as a demonstrable ability to communicate and work successfully with other team members. You should also be able to translate vague concepts into action plans and achievable milestones. In addition, Python developers often work with a team of developers, product managers, and other stakeholders.

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In general, the tasks of the Application Support Engineer fall within the scope of IT support and can provide technical support for the development of new software to meet new business requirements, the installation of new systems during development and the maintenance of current systems in terms of functionality and Security include.

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The activities behind the scenes of a modern website and the systems that dynamically respond to them are designed, programmed and constantly tested by the back-end developer. Back-end developers create, code, and enhance the server, server-side applications, and databases that, when combined with front-end apps, help deliver a functional, seamless experience to the end user.

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Operationally located somewhere between network administrators and network architects, the network engineer has the task of implementing the architect’s vision and at the same time providing user-friendly tools for the administrators. In short, network engineers know more about the performance of a communications network than anyone else in the organization.

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Mainframe system programmers are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of an organization’s server computer, as well as for performing updates and routine maintenance on the mainframe computer to prevent problems from occurring. They accomplish this task by installing, testing, and updating hardware, software, and operating systems. Mainframe system programmers also often have extensive experience with older legacy systems and programming languages.

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iOS developers create and develop mobile applications on the iOS platform in accordance with the company’s goals and standards. You need to have a thorough understanding of iOS and how it works with different Apple devices and screen sizes.

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