Google says don’t change URLs and change them back for SEO testing


Google’s John Mueller further said Twitter He would recommend changing the URLs again and then changing them again and repeating that for SEO reasons. The person wanted to do this for SEO testing, but in general changing URLs in SEO is not a recommended strategy unless you’re fixing an issue of some sort.

Once you start changing URLs, that new URL must all receive its own new signals. Of course you can redirect the old URL to the new URL, but if you’re just changing the URL to test it and then plan on changing it again, it’s probably not a good idea.

John continued Twitter “I would avoid changing and resetting URLs temporarily, so if you could display the new page at the current URL it would probably be both easier for search and give you a clearer signal as to how search is responding would (removes clutter when changing sides).”

Here’s the context:

forum discussion below Twitter.


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