How brands win the digital arms race


“Consumers want them to be picked up where they are,” says Becker. “This is a great opportunity for brands to develop a personal connection with a customer. Statistics show that the average consumer checks their incoming text 47 times a day. No app is used more than the messaging app on our phones. If you can get into that inbox then why don’t you want to be there to connect with them? “

Having space in a customer’s inbox is one of the reasons there is some urgency here, says Becker. Think about it: how many SMS partnerships is a consumer willing to choose? That’s why Mobivity has started to call this the digital arms race. To make matters worse, these digital communication channels will soon become the lifeblood of the industry and those who do not use the most effective communication channels will fall by the wayside, says Becker.

“I really hope the brands are paying attention,” says Becker. “Think about how Amazon got where it is today. They took something – books – and created digital market share and started relationships with their customers. Restaurants need to do this now, or other companies will find ways to increase their share of the profits. You can’t make that consumer connection with an app that someone downloads and then turns off or clears notifications. SMS is doing an excellent job of creating a connection that creates the brand loyalty that all of these restaurant brands need now. “

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By Charlie Pogacar

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