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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows people to organize their favorite images into boards. User can search for pins by keywords or categories.

You can use Pinterest as an effective tool for social media marketing. Upload your company’s content from your computer or smartphone, pin content you find on the website and share content found on the web using the browser button.

Commitment is key. Follow your friends’ boards, like, comment and repin their pins. Share links to your website or blog in your pins. Choose a business account if you want to use analytics, videos, and ads.

Now let’s go through some Pinterest marketing strategies to ensure you get more traffic and engagement with your pins.

How to use Pinterest for marketing

Distribute your content. build community. Educate customers, increase website traffic and increase online sales. These strategies represent ways you can use Pinterest for marketing. Here are some benefits of using Pinterest for marketing.

Distribute your content

85% of people use Pinterest to look at photos. They also like to share pictures with friends. Pinterest is a great platform to promote any type of content. Users can click through live links. Pinterest boards allow users to organize Pins by topic, idea, plan, or type of inspiration. Users can create as many boards as they like.

You can invite others to join your boards, which makes them group boards. Group boards allow users to interact more easily.

Build a community

Online communities bring like-minded people together and serve as a helpful hub for businesses. With a Pinterest community, you can count on your followers and fans to interact with your boards, consume your content, and find their way to your site—all driving traffic in the process. There are over 335 million people who use Pinterest every month. By treating your Pinterest board as a two-way street to interact with and target users (not like a one-way billboard), you can build a loyal community of Pinterest users who can also become customers.

How to build your Pinterest followers

You should promote your Pinterest account by posting pins on your other social media accounts. This method is more effective than searching for people who follow you on Pinterest.

Follow accounts you think want to follow you back. Watch what competitors are doing to grow their follower base and learn their techniques. Use keywords in your posts (we’ll discuss these tactics in more detail later). Ask influencers to repost some of your content to grab their followers’ attention.

educate customers

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows you to create boards, pin images and share them via email or other platforms. You can also follow people who post interesting things and use the site as an online scrapbook. Pinterest is a great tool for marketers as it helps you connect with potential customers by providing information about products and services.

Much like you create new products, develop your brand, or post on other social networks, make sure you post content that resonates with your target audience, your current customer, and your buyer personas. Do this by examining your buyer personas to see what type of content would appeal to them.

Survey your current followers and ask them for feedback on what they expect from your business on Pinterest. Then look at what your competitors are currently doing to help you think about how to get your content out there. Look at what your customers’ boards are already doing to understand what they’re interested in.

Increase website traffic and increase online sales

Pinterest is a social network for sharing images. Users can pin images to boards or save them on board. Boards can be shared publicly or privately. People can follow other people’s boards. When someone pins something to a board, it shows up in followers’ feed. You can also comment on posts.

For example, this board, made by clothing company Madeline Bell, serves as a source of travel inspiration and is paired with real products that she sells to engage her audience with her brand, the lifestyle she promotes and the idea of ​​buying some Dresses. She integrates Pinterest on her website so she can easily drive traffic from one page to her Pinterest profile, so her leads and customers can see (and maybe follow) her content in seconds.

These Pinterest widgets and buttons allow your website visitors to easily interact with your Pinterest page. You can also easily customize, create and add these features to your website. The Pinterest Network’s Widget Builder allows you to quickly customize, create, and integrate these features on your website.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Businesses should sign up for a free business account. Choose the right category for your content. Use different images and videos. Create unique content. Use keywords. Add hashtags to your content and add them to your images. Post your content on other social media platforms. Talk to others. Interact with others. Use social media best practices. Analyze your results and improve your strategy.


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