Moe Muhsin, the founder of GenZ Media & UGCFLOW, is changing the entire advertising market in 2022


Moe Muhsin has founded leading creative advertising and marketing companies that provide solutions to help businesses achieve their goals.

Moe Muhsin, a young visionary entrepreneur providing marketing and advertising solutions for business growth, is quickly gaining recognition in the digital marketing space. Moe Muhsin has established two companies that dominate the advertising space. GenZ Media, a digital marketing agency, helps e-commerce brands achieve higher returns on ad spend (ROAS) with paid advertising and user-generated content (UGC) videos. On the other hand, UGCFLOW is a content creation agency and influencer group that helps ecommerce brands achieve higher ROAS with UGC videos.

Muhsin is a successful 24-year-old entrepreneur who not only owns GenZ Media and UGCFLOW, but also Learnads, a social media marketing mentorship. Muhsin has nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit from a young age and has experienced different landscapes as he grew up in different countries such as Sweden and Jordan. Moe Muhsin got his first job at the age of 16 and hasn’t looked back since. To pursue his passion, Muhsin moved to Dubai in 2019, founded his company and has seen immense success thanks to his dedication and expertise in digital marketing and advertising. Muhsin has helped more than 50 companies worldwide and says his success was made possible by the support of his family.

With the founding of his companies, Muhsin advances his mission to revolutionize the digital marketing space for e-commerce businesses with UGC and paid advertising. As digital marketing gains ground as a solution for business growth, Muhsin is committed to ensuring its companies continue to provide the best possible services in this space. When asked about the next step, Muhsin explains that educating businesses and professionals about paid advertising and UGC is crucial. He invites companies to consult with his digital marketing and content creation agencies to find gaps in their businesses and identify opportunities for growth.

GenZ Media and UGCFLOW Share insightful, bite-sized packets of information which breaks down digital marketing, content creation, paid advertising, and user-generated content across social media. Muhsin points out that the goal is to provide solutions and equip companies with valuable knowledge to grow and scale their business.

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