Oracle uses AI to automate digital marketing with Fusion Marketing


For the first time in the industry, Oracle is using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate digital marketing.

AI is revolutionizing a wide variety of industries, but Oracle is applying it to digital marketing campaigns with its newly announced Fusion Marketing platform. Unlike many lead generation systems that only increase brand awareness, Fusion Marketing is specifically designed to generate leads.

Fusion Marketing uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically score leads at the account level, predict when consumers are ready to speak to a seller, and generate a qualified sales opportunity in any CRM system.

Oracle hopes Fusion Marketing will resolve the discrepancy that many salespeople use a CRM system, where isolated data often prevents sales. The new system from Oracle was developed to address this problem and to accelerate marketing campaigns by automating the lead generation process from end to end.

“It’s time our industry changed their minds about marketing and sales automation so we can turn CRM into a system that works for both the marketer and the seller,” said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager. Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience. “This is not about forecasting and rollups or a reporting tool to see how salespeople are performing, it’s about turning CRM into a system that helps salespeople sell. A big part of this change is bringing marketing and sales teams together and eliminating the low-value, time-consuming tasks that distract from building customer relationships and closing deals. This is why we have invested so much time developing a system that will help marketers fully automate lead generation and qualification and get highly qualified leads to the sales team faster. “

Oracle’s Fusion Marketing is just the beginning, as experts say AI will continue to transform digital marketing.

“Machine learning algorithms are an essential part of digital marketing and that will only increase over time. The best digital marketers have recognized this fact and have already shifted their focus to activities that are more human-centric. Machines can calculate numbers better and make data-driven decisions. But they still need people to decide what data is fed into these systems. This comes from an understanding of human behavior, a deep empathy and expert-level storytelling that is difficult to replicate by AI. ”- Dennis Consort, Expert in digital marketing and expert at, told WebProNews.

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