Remaster PS1 Classic that Spider-Man developers love


A developer of the original Spider-Man game has said he would love to see the remaster PS1 Classic, more than two decades after it first hit shelves.

Spider-Man is now over 20 years old, but one of its developers is still thinking about how to bring Spidey’s first 3D video game to a modern audience.

Chad Findley was the lead designer for Spider-Man, a former developer at Neversoft. He recently spoke about his thoughts on a possible one PS1 Classic Remaster during an interview with GamingBible. Findley explained that while he was initially reluctant due to the nightmarish licensing and permitting processes, he would eventually be open to it.

While the possibility of a Spider-Man remake isn’t certain, Findley could be the man to do it. The developer expressed his passion for the character and why Old Webhead still stands today. Findley explained, “I love Spider-Man.” It was a fun, geeky character that had great messages and themes. We need this stuff these days.

Spider-Man was released in 2000 on the PlayStation 1 and Sega Dreamcast consoles. It was the first game to bring comic book action to a 3D space. Though the game’s combat and web-swinging predates Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2018, it still featured fan-favorite villains like Venom, Carnage, and Doctor Octopus, while still maintaining the wall-crawler’s sense of humor maintained.

Activision had two Spider-Man Games, which were to be remastered before the publisher lost its Marvel license. Spider-Man and Spider-Man Edge of Time are rumored to be remastered for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. The games were said to be in “early prototyping” prior to Activision’s 2014 Marvel deal. Reportedly, the remaster PS1 Classic contained only minor graphical improvements/bug fixes. An unnamed source described the project as a quick buck.

Remaster PS1 Classic could cause license issues

Activision also developed the game. Fans will still be pleased to see the impact it had on Spider-Man video games. The open world city concept and traversal mechanics were developed by Spidey. This year’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will build on them.

However, the latest Spider-Man game could see unique costume options that have unique gameplay implications. Every costume in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has a Symbiote version. This Symbiote version could have unique gameplay effects such as: B. Providing unlimited webbing for the player during the first playable appearance of the Symbiote Suit.

In 2000, Activision owned the rights to Spider-Man video games. A number of its developers were used by the publisher to create games for the Marc Webb and Sam Raimi films. Original games like Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Man Web of Shadows were produced, but they eventually began making less commercial and critically acclaimed games near the end of their license.

Insomniac Games has been granted the rights to develop Spider-Man games. It seems that this will continue in the future. While getting a license to remaster Spider-Man will likely be difficult, it’s worth the mere thought.


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