Sendbird introduces Chat v4 and UIKit v3 to take developer experiences to the next level


“Sendbird Chat v4 is a complete, elegant solution, carefully designed to make development of even the most insanely powerful and unique apps a seamless process.”

Sendbird, the most trusted conversational platform for mobile apps, today announced the release of Sendbird Chat 4.0 and UIKit 3.0, improving the experience for developers building chat applications. Sendbird Chat v4 features three new Software Development Kits (SDKs) built from the ground up using the modern Swift, Kotlin and TypeScript languages, while the Sendbird Chat UIKit v3 presents a new architecture with more granular components, giving developers additional flexibility when customizing offer their app. These new features further streamline the integration of modern, feature-rich chat across web and mobile applications.

Sendbird’s SDKs now allow developers to leverage the codebases strategically aligned with the language supported by Apple, Google and Microsoft, and the brand new UIKit makes it even easier to integrate and customize chats in web and mobile applications. Sendbird has also released web support for the Sendbird Chat Flutter SDK, allowing developers to use the same code base for both web and mobile apps. Together, these changes will allow developers to provide chat and take their applications to another level, opening up new possibilities for conversations and connections.

“Sendbird became the global leader in chat by constantly innovating—and making it easier for others to innovate as well,” said John S. Kim, co-founder and CEO of Sendbird. “Sendbird Chat v4 is a complete, elegant solution, carefully designed to make development of even the most insanely powerful and unique apps a seamless process.”

Sendbird Chat v4: Codebase evolution with Swift, Kotlin and Typescript SDKs

Sendbird’s decision to modernize its entire code base with Swift, Kotlin, and TypeScript is based on the fact that these programming languages ​​offer tremendous advantages in terms of performance, stability, language maturity, and security. As a result, they’ve become incredibly popular for the apps people know and love. For example, according to Google, over 60% of the top 1,000 apps on the Play Store now use Kotlin. Swift is the choice of many leading brands for apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Uber, Slack, Lyft, and LinkedIn. TypeScript has also become the language of choice for thousands of enterprise web apps, including Asana, Lyft, and Cloudflare. The simpler and safer programming languages ​​allow developers to integrate Sendbird Chat much faster.

The language switch also allowed Sendbird to refactor its code, taking advantage of new code patterns and building better API wrappers. With the new languages, Sendbird also expects to shorten its development cycle and release features faster. Several new features are already in development that will be released exclusively on Sendbird Chat v4.

The new Chat UIKit offers developers additional customization options

Sendbird developed its UIKit to make chat integration quick and easy, but the company also recognizes developers’ desire to customize various components of their chat interface. The previous version of UIKit offered some customizations for data, resources, and event binding; His new architecture goes even further. Now each module is divided into separate elements that can be added, removed or configured differently depending on their size and appearance. Modularization also expands the separation of data and events, allowing for even greater levels of customization.

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About Sendbird

Sendbird is the most trusted conversational platform for mobile apps, trusted by industry leaders like Reddit, DoorDash, and Paytm. We enable any business to quickly and easily embed rich chat, voice and video experiences into their app to build relationships with and between their users. With Sendbird, organizations can improve customer engagement and retention quickly and with significantly less development effort or risk than building and maintaining a real-time communications platform themselves.

Sendbird’s top global clients include Yahoo! Sports, OLA, Rally Health, Headspace, Teladoc, Accoldate, Carousell, Schibsted, Virgin Mobile UAE, Dream11, Krafton, Nexon, Hinge, ServiceNow and Kookmin Bank. It is backed by ICONIQ Growth, STEADFAST Capital Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Meritech Capital, Emergence Capital, Shasta Ventures, August Capital, Funders Club, World Innovation Lab and Y Combinator. Sendbird is headquartered in San Mateo, California. please visit for more informations.

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