The 5 Best Advertising Agencies in Cleveland, OH


Cleveland’s Best Ad Agencies:

The top rated advertising agencies in Cleveland, OH are:

  • avalanche advertising – is a premier digital marketing and advertising agency based in Cleveland
  • JAC creative – specializes in brand identity, website building, traditional and digital advertising
  • Marcus Thomas LLC – is one of the best-known independent advertising companies in the United States
  • Marketing Done Right LLC– a group of professional marketers providing quality services
  • Brand and model marketing – is an automotive digital marketing agency in the world of digital marketing

avalanche advertising

avalanche advertising is a premier digital marketing and advertising company. When they work with a new client, they have a goal in mind. Get the results as soon as possible so they don’t go away. This is how they approach every new project. Avalanche started in 2010 as a humble video production company. The job involved numerous hours of pre- and post-processing, then handing off a video file to the client and sending it on.


Social Media Promotion, SEO, Website Design, Video Production, Graphic Design


Address: 7437 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102
phone🙁216) 284-4566


“Todd and his talented team of PPC experts are phenomenal! They will answer any of your questions and exceed your expectations. They know what it takes to run a successful campaign and how to bring new customers to the door. If you’re looking to grow your business, I highly recommend Avalanche Advertising.” – Hannah T.

JAC creativeTop advertising agencies in Cleveland

JAC creative offers branding, graphic design, website building, traditional and digital advertising, and social media management. While serving a diverse spectrum of consumers and industries across the country and around the world, they have a passion for local Cleveland businesses. When it comes to advertising services, goods, communities or events, JAC Creative has a lot of experience with all types of marketing media.

You’ll find out how to tell your story in the most distinctive and interesting way. JAC Creative will develop your message and find the best way to get it across to the rest of the world through design, video, advertising and social media.


Brand identity, graphic design, website building, traditional and digital advertising and social media management


Address: 4274 Pearl Rd Suite C, Cleveland, OH 44109
phone🙁216) 417-4375


“I was working with JAC Creative when my website inexplicably crashed. Your team was super responsive and helped us completely rebuild our website. Their knowledge and skills helped us a lot in getting our website up and running in a short amount of time. Andrew was professional and very responsive, making this process as stress free as possible. I would highly recommend their team for any web design needs.” – Nathan Z.

Marcus Thomas LLCAdvertising Agencies Cleveland

Marcus Thomas LLC is one of the best-known independent advertising companies in the United States. Marcus Thomas is a recognized leader in digital strategy and technology; it is Ohio’s largest media planning and buying agency; It has been named one of the world’s leading content marketing agencies by the Content Marketing Institute and is regularly recognized for award-winning creative and social media campaigns.

They believe that the companies that enrich people’s lives, even if only slightly, will be the winners of the future. Because of this, they have honed their skills in mindset, tactics, and technology that help their clients create and maintain lasting connections.


Advertising, Public Relations & Media Relations, Digital Transformation, Production Services, Performance Optimization & Analysis, Influencer Marketing, Research & Market Intelligence, Integrated Marketing Communications, Social Media Marketing


Address: 4781 Richmond Road, Cleveland, OH 44128
phone🙁216) 292-4700


“A great place to work. Smart, creative, and genuine people dedicated to making work better every day.” – Jason M.

Marketing Done Right LLCGood advertising agencies in Cleveland

Marketing Done Right LLC is a collection of experienced marketers, website builders and developers dedicated to providing quality services to clients. The team’s experience of working with large organizations has culminated in MDR. The employees are committed to the success of the customers, because only if they are successful can they be successful. Because of their expertise with different marketing platforms, they are sure to offer a solution for your business.

They are a Cleveland based digital marketing company specializing in SEO, Google Adwords and social media marketing. Over the years, the team has seen multiple instances where other companies either failed to provide services to their clients or provided outdated services that did not generate revenue. You are committed to discovering what makes your business unique, what your goals are and what you need to do to achieve them. The company is more than just a digital marketing company.


Pay per click marketing, search engine optimization, social media advertising


addressess: Cleveland, OH
phone🙁619) 354-0355


“Working with Dustin has been a great experience. He made the whole process of a new website pretty stress free. Dustin is very patient, showed me as many iterations as I needed, had great suggestions and ideas, and showed me how to edit things. I wondered what it would be like to work virtually and didn’t even bother. It was fun getting to know him a bit, over on the other side of the country! Would highly recommend Dustin and Marketing Done Right.” – Chris S.

Brand and model marketingOne of the best advertising agencies in Cleveland

Brand and model marketing is an automotive digital marketing agency that can help you navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing. The organization was founded on the belief that retailers could outperform cookie cutter vendors and techniques. Founded by two automotive industry veterans who have been in the industry their entire careers, Make & Model Marketing provides your dealership with optimal visibility for online vehicle consumers.

Brian McNulty and Jackie Studor had spent their entire careers in automotive retail before founding Make & Model Marketing. Brian spent 10 years consulting dealerships in the United States and Canada followed by seven years at Porsche Cars of North America where he developed and pioneered the Dealer Business Consulting division. Jackie’s family ran a Nissan dealership for over 35 years, where she sold vehicles, worked as a finance manager and eventually became the company’s first internet manager when she discovered her passion for digital marketing.


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