The City of Bridgewater shares information about the proposed new layout and interior of the Fire Department Headquarters

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A rendering of the proposed Bridgewater Fire Headquarters building. (Photo courtesy of Jacunski Humes Architects, LLC)

BRIDGEWATER – City Manager Michael Dutton and the Fire Station Building Committee would like to share details with the community about the layout and interior design of the proposed Bridgewater Fire Headquarters.

Throughout the current Bridgewater Fire Headquarters building, there is a lack of space for supplies, equipment, records and administrative needs. The apparatus bays are also too small to accommodate all of the fire engines that are supposed to be at headquarters. The firefighters’ living quarters are outdated and the building lacks accessible areas and adequate sanitary facilities.

The proposed new station is designed to provide adequate space for the station’s current staff and equipment and to accommodate future growth.

On the ground floor of the planned station is a new decontamination room for cleaning equipment when firefighters return from missions where contamination was likely, as well as dedicated storage areas for medical supplies, parts and tools, and other equipment.

The current station lacks space for current firefighting equipment, new or additional equipment, and equipment for newly hired firefighters. The new station is equipped with a large room on the ground floor, equipped with a large number of lockers to store firefighters’ emergency gear, as well as additional equipment.

The layout also provides needed office and administrative space for training and rescue, fire and emergency management personnel. In addition, there is a conference room and a training room where the department can conduct further on-site training. The classroom also serves as an emergency response center during an emergency or crisis.

The upper floor of the proposed station design provides modern living facilities for firefighters on duty, including private sleeping areas, dozens of lockers for firefighters’ personal belongings, and a dedicated physical training room. The station also has accessible sanitary facilities for men and women, as well as a kitchen, dining area and lounge.

The new station will also have appropriately sized equipment bays for fire engines. There are a number of newer and larger vehicles that should be accommodated in the current central station, but the station’s age and size make it unsuitable for certain vehicles. The proposed new station has the requisite bay space and building height to accommodate the station’s many ambulances, engines and cars, as well as the tower truck and airboat.

The planned layout of the fire station can be viewed here.

A portion of the funds included in a proposed debt foreclosure will be used for mechanical and other necessary work at Station 2 (Prattown), including upgrading outdoor equipment storage areas, thereby extending equipment useful life.

Voters will be asked if they approve of the proposed debt exclusion on the ballot in the local elections on Saturday April 23. The project would be funded through a debt foreclosure, allowing the city to borrow to pursue capital projects while temporarily raising the debt tax rate. Once the project debt service is complete, the tax rate decreases. Polling locations are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Mitchell at the Middle School, 166 Mt. Prospect St.

About the project:

The Bridgewater Fire Headquarters at 22 School St. has stood since the late 1850s. Today, the fire station serves as the headquarters and houses over 50 employees. In 2019, an ad hoc committee was convened to review the existing station, determine the needs of a modern department, find a potential new station site, and determine how the city could best address the existing station’s deficiencies.

It is proposed to build a new station at 1185 Pleasant St. This location is approximately 2.7 miles from the existing main station and provides better, more accessible fire and rescue service coverage for the western Bridgewater area.

Voters are being asked to approve a $23 million debt waiver to fund firefighting projects. Approximately $2 million of this funding would be used for mechanical and other necessary upgrades to Station 2 (Prattown), which was built in 2000.

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You can also find more information about the project on the website of the city’s new fire department headquarters.



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