The French antitrust case against Google could have a significant impact on SEO


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ORLANDO, Florida., July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Terry Cane, COO of global SSL service domain registration and SEO hosting provider SEO Host (, believes recent French judgments against Google’s parent company Alphabet could have a significant long-term impact on search engine optimization.

The first ruling, released by Reuters in June, saw the tech giant pledge to change its global advertising business. The comparison, which is a fine of $ 268 million, should put power back into the hands of the publishers. And while this may not have an immediate impact, the French authorities hope their success here will spur similar cartel cases in other parts of the world.

The second verdict, announced earlier this month, focused on Google’s News Showcase program. The regulators claimed that Google had the orders to negotiate with. did not comply Of France News publishers in a copyright battle. The company was roughly fined $ 590 million and will face fines of over $ 1 million per day if she does not make any suggestions on how publishers should pay for her content.

“At first glance, none of these judgments have very much to do with SEO, but when you look at it long-term,” says Cane. “Google has remained somewhat unknown for decades since its inception. What we know about its algorithms is based entirely on what the company told us directly.”

“This cartel case, combined with some of the other recent lawsuits against the company, could be the first step in changing that,” she continues. “We could envision a complete paradigm shift in terms of search. Even in the short term, the notion that some of its features could infringe on Google’s copyright law matters.”

Google that agreed to the payment $ 76 million for the next three years to a group of French news publishers who, for his part, claimed to have always acted in good faith. Although disappointed with both decisions, the company has confirmed that it will follow them.

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