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Extroverts are a group that tends to be energetic, outgoing, and attracted to sociability. Corresponding psychology today, the majority of Americans are extroverts. While many envision the information technology field as an introvert’s haven, there are great tech jobs for extroverts too.

Extroverts, who are often mischaracterized as needy, confrontational, and afraid of being alone, exist on a spectrum. Read on to learn if you’re an extrovert and which tech jobs are best for you.

Am I an extrovert?

Extroverts typically draw energy from social interactions and high-energy environments. The following are some of the most common tendencies of this personality type:

  • Sociable
  • outgoing
  • Favor oral over written communication
  • attention seeker
  • Large circle of friends
  • Driven by groups and social attitudes

Most people show some extrovert and some introvert tendencies.

Best work environments for extroverts

The best work environments for extroverts encourage interaction and teamwork. Most extroverts thrive in fast-paced environments and places where they can communicate and collaborate in groups.

While extroverts can thrive when working remotely, they typically prefer local jobs where they can socialize and connect with others. Being alone and isolated can drain and wear down extroverts over time.

Why tech jobs are actually great for extroverts

Tech jobs are often labeled as solitary jobs, but they actually require teamwork.

The best tech jobs for extroverts require professionals to meet with clients, collaborate with other tech professionals, and make presentations to management and stakeholders.

Tech professionals may need to gather information, understand people, and manage other professionals. An extrovert’s social skills will serve them well in a career in computer science and other technical fields.

Tech jobs for extroverts: Our tips

Here we feature tech jobs for extroverts that best complement and leverage their interests and strengths.

While each individual wants something different, these positions have responsibilities and requirements that many extroverts find appealing. The professions are listed alphabetically.

1. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts evaluate computer systems, looking for inefficiencies and upgrade opportunities. You will work with technology professionals and management to identify technology needs and challenges.

Analysts can specialize in specific industries or computer systems. You can work with data systems, large IT projects, programming or networks.

Why extroverts like this job: This job involves communication and collaboration. Computer analysts have to collect information from users and present their findings and suggestions.

2. Digital Marketer

Digital marketers manage organizations’ digital marketing campaigns. They oversee search engine optimization strategies, social media accounts, and web and email activities. Marketers also set campaign goals and measure their effectiveness.

Digital marketers can be involved in market research, communication, and user experience design. These wide-ranging professionals work alongside marketers, web developers, programmers, designers, and management.

For more information, see our Marketer Salary and Job Guide.

Why extroverts like this job: In this job you will help organizations to attract attention. You will work with many departments and demonstrate your creativity and knowledge of consumer behavior.

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3. Helpdesk technician

Helpdesk technicians provide technical support for network, software and system issues. They work with users and organizations to diagnose problems, identify solutions, and apply fixes.

These support engineers work with end users, business customers, and other technical professionals. They record user feedback and common issues so management can look for more permanent solutions.

Why extroverts like this job: Extroverts work well in these positions because they focus on interaction and communication. Help desk technicians require timely and effective customer support skills as well as technical expertise.

4. IT Project Manager

IT project managers oversee an organization’s major computer and information technology tasks. They plan projects, including budgeting, scheduling and staffing. They also work with customers and management to understand project goals, delegate tasks to IT staff, conduct project reviews, and provide updates.

Project managers work collaboratively with other managers, clients, and IT professionals.

Why extroverts like this job: You can enjoy the hands-on management responsibilities of this position. You will also need to demonstrate your leadership, communication and collaborative skills.

5. Network Administrator

Network administrators manage, monitor, update and troubleshoot networks for organizations. These professionals also take care of the security and optimization of these networks.

These positions may require a network administration degree that prepares administrators to conduct network technology research and development. Administrators work with management, IT pros, and users to determine what they need from the systems.

Why extroverts like this job: Extroverts will enjoy the collaborative and hands-on nature of network administration. You can help others, discuss challenges with users, and learn what management needs from their networks.

6. Scrum Master

Scrum Masters lead IT teams and projects. They plan project details, monitor performance and coach team members. They also solve problems that arise during development.

Scrum Masters apply Agile methodsthat require regular collaboration with the team and stakeholders. You need to motivate and help improve productivity when needed.

Why extroverts like this job: Extroverts in this position draw on their leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills. You hold regular meetings, provide feedback and coaching for your team and stay in touch with product owners and management.

7. Tech Recruiter

Tech recruiters are looking for new tech experts for companies. You will work with management to determine needs, research potential candidates and screen applicants. Recruiters can also assist in creating job postings and collaborating with candidates throughout the hiring process.

Tech recruiters work alongside management, communications professionals and tech candidates.

Why extroverts like this job: Extroverts can be successful in tech recruiting positions by using their communication and interpersonal skills. You might also meet new people on a regular basis.

8. Technology Sale

Technology sales professionals sell hardware, software, and technical services to organizations and end users. They learn the pros and cons of their product, research potential customers, and meet with consumers to discuss benefits and fit.

Sales professionals work collaboratively with management, marketing, technology professionals, and consumers. They also share consumer feedback to improve products, services and delivery.

Why extroverts like this job: Extroverts can make good sales professionals because of their sociability and interpersonal skills. You can also enjoy the dynamic environment and dependency on collaboration.

9. User Experience (UX) Designer

UX designers manage the user experience of a digital product, study user requirements, and design the product’s look and feel. They test usability and the human-computer interface. You can also incorporate brand messages and identity into the design.

UX designers collaborate with other tech designers, developers, and marketing. You will also learn from management and end users.

Why extroverts like this job: UX designers need to understand what end users want from a product and experience. They interact across departments and teams.

10. Web Developer

Web developers design and build websites for people and organizations. They maintain websites, monitor traffic and create content as needed. You can specialize in back-end or front-end development.

When planning websites, developers work closely with clients, graphic designers, other developers, marketing, and management.

Why extroverts like this job: Extroverts may want to explore becoming a web developer as the position requires collaboration and customer service skills.

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