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There was a time when hard work and general skills paired with good management skills were enough to keep your newly running business afloat. However, times have changed. However, this technology-driven era requires more than your blood sweat and tears. It takes innovation. And this innovation is made possible by digital marketing.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be as familiar as possible with the concepts of digital marketing. In this modern age, digital marketing is critical to the survival of your own business. This applies to almost all types of companies and industries. You cannot just strive for it by walking through old traditional, orthodox practices. You need to empower your business and get your business known through digital marketing.

Today we wanted to cover why companies need to use digital marketing mechanisms to move forward. But first a little overview of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

If we were to give a simple and easily comprehensive definition of digital marketing, we would describe it as a component of marketing that involves the use of technologies, primarily internet and online-based digital technologies such as smartphones, computers and other digital media platforms and – medium.

Through digital marketing, the goal is to attract cold traffic, then successfully warm it up over time and bring new people to your website, and then enable campaigns through your digital platform.

Perhaps the best channel to enable digital marketing is through the internet, especially social media, and creating your own active website.

Why should entrepreneurs dive deep into digital marketing?

By now, you need to be aware that as an entrepreneur running a successful business, you need a digital presence to survive in the long term. You need to find out exactly what type of digital platforms your customers are actively using and then choose the right digital platform for your business.

However, what you benefit from successful digital marketing and why you as an entrepreneur should learn it for your company:

Gain competitive advantage

The successful integration of digital marketing enables entrepreneurs to be innovative and always think ahead of their competitors. This goes both ways. If your competitor is already active on their own digital platform and you are not, it means you need to anticipate and act to outperform your competitor’s digital strategy. On the contrary, if your competitor is not good at digital marketing then you are one step ahead. At the same time, however, you are also more prone to higher risks as your competitor may be trying to outperform your company by adopting a better digital strategy. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the wishes of the customer. Since customer requirements are constantly changing, this is all achieved through successful digital marketing.

A great way to get started with your digital platform is to buy your own domain and web hosting and start your ecommerce setup. Web hosting companies like Justhost are a great option that gives you complete solutions.

Build brand personality

Not only does digital marketing provide access to a large pool of customers around the world, it also enables entrepreneurs to build a strong brand image or personality that resonates with consumers. Digital marketing is an essential tool to help entrepreneurs build brand awareness for their company. Global market leaders like Nike, Apple, Amazon have all used digital marketing to create a brand image that goes down well with audiences.

In practical terms, it is not possible to use digital marketing to make your brand the next Apple, but what I want to say is that it is a start and it is basically nothing without it. Even statistics show that individual use of social media is widespread today and is increasing at a rapid pace every day.

Building your brand personality today isn’t that difficult. By creating social media platforms that become interactive and responsive to them, customers inevitably become consumers and build trust in your brand on the personality of your brand. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are popular and more accessible social media platforms.

Boost business growth

Generally, a business grows by attracting new customers, gaining greater market share, generating more profits and lower costs, and increasing sales while retaining customers. However, business growth based on these factors can be further enhanced by digital marketing.

First, companies will have much lower costs if they abandon traditional marketing methods and stick to digital marketing tactics and integration. There is absolutely no cost to maintaining your presence on social media, and even running successful digital campaigns online costs significantly less than old methods. Time is saved and efficiency is achieved. At the same time, the reach of your company increases. The cost of new customer acquisition drops significantly, while you continue to acquire new customers and increase your overall sales in the long term. This also increases customer loyalty as you can stay up to date on coupons, promotions and discounts through your customer pool. The use of videos as digital marketing is very popular and valued by customers. According to Cisco, almost 80% of global internet traffic in 2019 was video.

Platforms like YouTube are vital for entrepreneurs to survive and keep their consumers updated and engaged. Each social media platform has different parameters that you can use to manipulate and create your own advantage as you grow your business.


Entrepreneurship has changed. No matter how much you don’t want to believe it, you cannot survive this time without going digital. If you are not ready to adapt to new trends, you will not be able to survive.

It is high time that entrepreneurs begin to learn the basics of digital marketing and move forward in this regard in order to withstand the increasing competition in the future.

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